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Bass fishing info and fishing reports for New England and the entire Northeast region of the United States. Check out the bass fishing articles, largemouth and smallmouth bass photos, bass fishing forums and more. Sign up for a forum account and jump into the activity! Share fishing tips and ask questions. The more we share, the more we learn.

Winter Hibernation

The local lakes are all frozen and anglers who like to ice fish are having a blast catching fish through the ice. Me? I like to hibernate in the Winter and try to get as much stuff done as I can, so that when Spring arrives, I can go fishing as much as possible! I also like to post pics of catches from past seasons. To see some photos of some big bass caught by me and others, visit one of my other sites: Bass Fishing Photos

Bass Fishing Blog

My bass fishing blog is live and online. When I have time, I write about topics such as fishing tackle reviews, information on fishing regulations, bass boat information, boat winterization tips, etc. If it’s related to bass fishing, bass boats or bass fishing tackle, I write about it. Check it out here: Bass Fishing Blog

Bass Fishing Tournament Listings

Find bass fishing tournament listings for New England and other Northeast US states. We have listings for team tournaments, singles tournaments, open tournaments and more. Check them out here: Bass Tournament Listings

Frazier to join War Eagle Custom Lures, Yum and Bandit

War Eagle Custom Lures, YUM and Bandit announce the signing of B.A.S.S. Elite Series angler Micah Frazier as the latest addition to its list of [...]

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Dealing with high, muddy water

In lieu of all the rain that has led to recent flooding conditions around the nation, you may be among those anglers trying to figure [...]

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Opens profile: Murphy healthy and hopeful for Elites

South Carolinian Michael Murphy took a significant step toward his goal of becoming a Bassmaster Elite Series pro when he claimed 10th place at Florida's [...]

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Podcast: The Dustin Connell Story

Alabama pro Dustin Connell talks about his rise to the Bassmaster Elite Series, which was far from an easy path. Jim and Thomas also talk [...]

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Tackle Primer: The Twitch'n Glider

A glide bait isn't perfect for every situation, but it has gained a place as a big-fish bait and as a great tool for drawing [...]

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The Northeast United States has an abundance of deep natural lakes that are home to some pretty healthy populations of largemouth and smallmouth bass. For anglers that are native to this area of the country, they usually don't have much trouble figuring them out. But for anglers who are from the south, they sometimes struggle figuring out how to catch bass in deep natural lakes in the northeast.
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