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Fall Bass Fishing

The fall bass fishing season is upon us! Water temps here in the northeast are dropping and the bass are beginning to be on the move again. Some huge bass are being caught in local lakes recently, so if you’re after a lunker bass, get out there during the next few weeks and you’ll increase your chances of bagging a hawg! To see some photos of some big bass caught at a recent tournament, visit one of my other sites: Bass Fishing Photos

Bass Fishing Blog

My bass fishing blog is live and online. When I have time, I write about topics such as fishing tackle reviews, information on fishing regulations, bass boat information, boat winterization tips, etc. If it’s related to bass fishing, bass boats or bass fishing tackle, I write about it. Check it out here: Bass Fishing Blog

Bass Fishing Tournament Listings

Find bass fishing tournament listings for New England and other Northeast US states. We have listings for team tournaments, singles tournaments, open tournaments and more. Check them out here: Bass Tournament Listings


Early Spring Bass Fishing

Early spring. It's the time of year that every Bass fisherman who is worth his salt looks forward to. The thought of Bass that haven't seen a lure for at least 3 months is enough to stir any of us into a frenzy. Early spring has it's advantages but it can have it's own unique problems as well. Rising water temperatures can send Bass into flurries of activity that are a Bass fisherman's dream come true. But, just as quickly, a stubborn early spring cold front can be a nightmare that puts the fish back into hibernation. The key to successful fishing during this time of year lies in using the proper lures, presenting them properly and using the weather conditions to your advantage. Paying attention to the smallest details can sometimes mean the difference between a respectable day's catch and going home skunked...

Midnight Bass Fishing

You've got the lake to yourself. No pleasure boats. No water skiers. No Jet-skis and no other fisherman. The sun has set and the only sounds to be heard are the bull frogs and the whippoorwills. Before too long you'll be hearing lunker bass sloshing around in the shallows. What we're talking about here is midnight Bassin'. Fishing from the time the sun goes down until it comes up again in the wee hours of the morning. The time when the faint-of-heart are home snuggled in their beds with visions of 10 lbers. dancing in their heads. Night fishing is not for everyone. If you require a certain number of hours of sleep every night and can't stand the thought of missing the 11 O'clock news then maybe its best if you leave the night fishing to someone else...

Northeast Bass Fishing

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Bass Fishing, fishing reports, fishing tips, new england bass fishing
Bass Fishing, fishing reports, fishing tips, new england bass fishing