It was 9:30 PM. The Black Hawgstomper Spinnerbait, with it’s single colorado blade, thumped out a steady rhythm about 2 feet below the water’s surface. But before I could move it too far, the thumping stopped. I set the hook and 17 lb. test line began to be stripped from my baitcaster. With my heart racing, I played the fish to the side of the boat, lipped it, and hoisted it aboard. A nice bass of almost 4 lbs. was deposited into my livewell. It was the first of many quality fish that would come over the side of my boat that night and help me win the tournament. Welcome to bass fishing… Amos Lake style.

Little Lake… Big Fish!
Amos Lake, at 105 acres, is not a big lake by anyone’s standards. What’s that saying about things that come in small packages? Amos Lake fits the bill. It packs a punch that keeps you coming back for more. Largemouth Bass?? Amos has them, and how. Quality fish abound here. It has its share of small fish, too. But just think of them as tomorrows Hawgs.
Cover and Baits
Amos Lake offers a host of cover and structure options. Deep Weedlines, Lily Pads, Underwater Points and Humps, and Drop-offs that will blow your mind. It even has some shallow wood cover and a few other assorted shallow weeds. I’ve caught and know others who have caught bass here on a diverse selection of lures. Windy days beg for a spinnerbait or a Rat-L-Trap to be thrown on the wind-blown flats or points. Cover a lot of water, and if the conditions are right, catch a mess of fish. The same goes for dark, cloudy days just before a frontal system. White spinnerbaits and Chrome or Smokey Joe “traps” are very productive. Experiment, though, because there are plenty of other colors that will bag a hawg. Maybe show them something they haven’t seen. This trick works just about anywhere. Sunny days, with just a hint of a breeze are prime days for probing the deeper water haunts at Amos. Plastic worms, Jig-n-Pig or even a deep-diving crankbait should get results. Motor Oil, Black and Electric Blue worms are the trick. Jigs work well in Black, Black & Blue or Black & Red. Crankbaits in Chrome or Chartreuse are fish catchers no matter where you throw them. Look for the weedline in 10 – 14 ft. of water in various areas of the lake. You like fishing Lily Pads, you say? Amos has them. Tie on a Black Snag Proof mouse or a Strike King Grass Frog. Work it slowly across the tops of the pads……. and hang on! Texas rigged 7 – 10 inch worms rigged without a weight also work well. Or try a White 3/8 oz. Hawgstomper Buzzbait in the open pockets or along the pad edges. This can be a B-I-G- fish pattern. Pad fishing demands heavy tackle. Use 15 to 20 lb. test and stout baitcasting rods. Lock your drag down tight. Lily pads are no place to be letting a fish run, if you want to land it, that is. When you hook a fish using these tactics, turn it around fast and keep its head up out of the cover. Don’t let it run until you get it into open water, if there is any. If you have trouble with the weedless soft plastics clinging to the pads, try lubricating them with some liquid scent. Not only does this add to the appeal of your presentation, but it also allows the plastic to slide effortlessly across the tops of the pads, without hanging up.

If you like to night-fish for bass, Amos will keep you happy. All the usual stuff will work here. Jitterbugs, Pop-R’s, Prop Baits, Buzzbaits and Spinnerbaits. Throw them in the shallows close to deep water cover, such as weedlines and humps. Or try near shallow cover that holds fish during the day. All will produce at one time or another.

If bass aren’t your thing, Amos Lake offers plenty for the Trout fisherman and the Pan fisherman alike. The lake is one of Connecticut’s Trophy Trout Lakes, which means it doesn’t close to fishing, except for a three week spell just before opening day. Amos also offers Chain Pickerel, Yellow Perch and Sunfish.

Where It Is…
How to get there: Amos Lake is located just off Rte. 164, in Preston, CT. From Rte. 2, follow Rte. 164 North, approximately 2 miles to a narrow dirt road on the right. From Preston City and Rte. 165, follow Rte. 164 South, approximately 1 mile to a narrow dirt road, on the left. Watch carefully, the dirt road is easy to miss, even to those who have been there several times. Follow the dirt road to the launch area. Amos has some special regulations with regard to the use of outboard motors. There is a speed limit of 8 mph, and no water skiing allowed – except for the period from June 15 to the first Sunday after Labor Day. During this period, speeds in excess of 8 mph and water skiing will be allowed between the hours of 11:00 am and 6:00 PM. The launch area for Amos Lake is in excellent shape and is well maintained. There are no trash receptacles, so be sure to carry out what you carry in. Be sure to visit Amos Lake soon and be sure to enjoy yourself, catch some fish and have a good time. To view a map of Amos Lake, Click Here. Good Fishing!